Charlotte Pride is the leader in LGBTQ visibility in Charlotte and the Carolinas. We present and collaborate on programs, projects, and activities, including the annual Charlotte Pride Festival and Parade, Charlotte Trans Pride, Charlotte Latin Pride, and Reel Out Charlotte, among others. Since its founding in 2000, Charlotte Pride has expanded its year-round programming and partnerships to better connect community members with its mission, vision, and values. It is now one of the largest LGBTQ Pride organizations in the American Southeast.

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Pride organizations are 501c3 nonprofits that rely on the generosity of individuals to help fund programs, services, and support to the LGBTQ+ community. Annually, each Pride produces its celebration event that creates safe and inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ+ community which honors the history and pays tribute to the present movement.

This year, 2020, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis put Pride festivities to a halt. All the glitter and floats were replaced with facemasks and virtual gatherings. Your support today will ensure that Pride celebrations continue in the coming months and years.

Donations to Pride Stride will support small and rural Pride nonprofit organizations across the United States.


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